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Nickel electroplating

Nickel electroplating, brass plating and more

Nickel electroplating, brass plating, copper plating and other specialty plating techniques are currently used to prevent corrosion, but are also employed for decorative purposes. Lasalle Plating has accumulated experience and knowledge of these processes and has been offering them for many years.
We offer:

  • Copper plating
  • Nickel electroplating
  • Brass plating
  • Details that make a difference

A crucial element for success in electroplating is the special chemicals used in the process. From brass plating to copper plating, we use high quality materials along with tried and tested techniques. Where Lasalle Plating innovates is with our double cleaning process for each electroplating process. This special cleaning process, when applied to brass plating or nickel electroplating, offers the advantage of eliminating all oil and dirt residue from the parts. This ensures equal and satisfactory coating of the metal parts, which then provides better corrosion protection and prevents any blistering or peeling. We always have a technician to supervise our plating solutions so they are kept clean and free of contaminants. Our brass plating, nickel electroplating and other specialty plating processes ensure we consistently produce high quality parts.
Copper plating

Copper plating is used mainly as a base on die cast products to properly coat and to improve adherence of nickel. Copper plating can also be used when plating certain electrical or plumbing parts. Copper cyanide processes have improved enormously over the years and don’t cause blistering or peeling of the parts.
Nickel Electroplating

Nickel electroplating is used mostly for decorative purposes. Nickel electroplating is similar to other electroplating processes which have improved extensively over the years. A major result of this evolution is the improvement in corrosion performance, without needing to increase the thickness of the deposit. Since many industries require nickel plating, we manufacture a variety of different products, ranging from hooks to cabinet handles or knobs, belt buckles to screws. We offer a bright nickel finish that is shinny and reflective, as well as dull and satin finish nickel.
Brass plating

Brass plating is a cyanide based process. The industries that require this type of plating vary from hardware to decorative household items manufacturers. Most decorative products can be electroplated in either brass or nickel. We offer a bright brass finish, which is pale yellow, and an antique brass finish that is a brownish color and has an antique look.

If you require more information about our various plating services, please do not hesitate to contact us.